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by Katherine Skaggs

It's September 7th, and I am feeling the last days of summer as the air gets cool, crisp and the leaves begin to fall to earth. The morning walks in the foothills signal change in every way possible, with the changing of the summer green grasses to autumn gold, to the absolute cool morning air that requires a light jacket or sweater.

The Earth Mother is shouting CHANGE through our annual seasonal shifting. Yet, that is not all, as we see a multitude of other signals of intense and massive change. There are too many changes to name, coming through our culture and the landscapes around the world. The aquarian age is continuing to crack the status quo and realign how we do life.

Several weeks ago the financial markets cracked into greater states of instability, and the east coast braced itself for both earthquakes and hurricanes. And there is more. In the last few days fires raged out of control in Texas, in a community where an old friend lives. I found out about the fires just today, so I called and found that my friend lost her home and all belongings in the fires. She got out with her cat, her passport, her insurance papers, some jewelry and five dresses. Though she is a seasoned veteran of change and a powerful spiritual warrior, she too is in shock over the sudden and intense change.

As the galactic center comes closer in alignment with the Earth than in 26,000 years, we are being cleaned of our attachments to the old, to the familiar and to the settled. If we have been paying attention, and have been working on our spiritual growth, it may not be so painful. Yet, regardless of how we are working to "wake up", we are being cleaned and cleared of old patterns that no longer suit our spiritual growth and evolution. We can go kicking and screaming, yet, that doesn't exactly help anything change. Or, we can consider it might just somehow be perfect, and that we can center ourselves in trust of a greater Divine Plan.

Now more than ever we need our spiritual practices... We need ways of life that bring us to the heart and the soul of who we are, and who our neighbor is, and who our boss is, and who our co-worker is, and our mother-n-law, and so forth. We must look into each person we meet, and those we only know of, and find their essence beyond their personality, and beyond our own personality. We must look heart to heart to shapeshift our relations, and to discover our inter-connectedness to all life.

To navigate these changes, some drastic, and some subtle yet strangely full of intensity, we must move from our minds and our linear way of reasoning to trusting our intuition and our heart senses. Our hearts know the way. Deep within our hearts there is a knowing of Spirit, of God, of the Cosmic Creator. Within our minds lives fear, lives ego, lives fallibility. The only way to slay our fear, first within our own being, and then within our cultures, is to move into the heart and to trust its knowing, and its ever present ability to love beyond fear

Our linear reality is dissolving with the planetary shifts. Our conscious minds and our bodies do not understand how this can be possible. Are we dying the body says? Fear arises and only encourages more fear, more lack, more separation. Yet, the heart and the DNA are awakening in the dissolution of the old structures. "Wake up" the heart says. "You are love. You are beauty. You are creation. Give to Love and release fear. That is the path to life. That is the path to joy. That is the path." "There is only love when you release your attention from fear." "There is only love."

To move into the heart requires courage coupled with the desire to be heart centered no matter what. You must be ready and willing to release the old stories that have fear within them. All the stories! Let them go... rewrite the story of separation, lack, struggle and suffering to one of Unity, of Hope, of Love, of Peace. What if that was the story we celebrated? What if we took the words "hard", "impossible", "hate", "fear", "separation" and so forth from our vocabulary? What if we also let go of all the imagery that we connect to these words? What if there was but beautiful song, and image, and feeling instead? What if we weren't afraid anymore? What if we welcomed change as our adventurous and loving friend and ally?

Navigating our times requires our desire to engage with the possible, the potential and the amazing. Hope comes as we beckon our innocence to rise in the face of fear, in the face of the unknown. Joy comes as we embrace the miraculous possibilities born of change, nurtured by hope and faith.

Take a deep breath. Focus on your heart. Say "thank you!" Focus on love. Imagine your love and light are glowing pink and green, and golden radiating light, warming your heart and body, easing your mind. Imagine, your light is calming the worries your ego wants to say are important. Imagine, you are relaxing into this sensation of peace, of love, and of possibility. Imagine, you wonder "What if she were right? What if my heart knows the way?"

What if your act of focusing on love, possibility, potential and change positively transformed the world into a more loving, exciting place to be?

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