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How do we navigate the new moon energies in Aquarius Feb. 9th, 2024?

Join Katherine Skaggs and the Mythical Goddess Tarot to look at these energies and how to work with them for the best experiences for the next 28 day cycle.

With this tarot reading you will get a look at:

  • Who are you as you enter into this new moon cycle?
  • What is the big picture and meaning of this next 28 day cycle?
  • What are the challenges, lessons, and opportunities to work with?
  • What actions should I take to get the most out of this time?
  • What outcomes might I expect as I work consciously with this energy?

New Moon in Aquarius, Feb. 9th, 2024

In astrology, new moons bring beginnings and change. They’re a time to lay the groundwork for the goals you wish to accomplish in the next several weeks. February’s new moon rises in innovative Aquarius, urging you to question your values and how you fit in the world. This zodiac sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with rebellion and progressive change, which can translate into abrupt endings and plot twists that shake you to your core.

There is a great Humanitarian vibe that comes with Aquarius, so grab this energy and know your changes are part of the leveling up process we are in on a global level. “It has the potential to liberate you in ways that are hard to even imagine right now. A new pathway is unfolding before you, which can come with a healthy dose of uncertainty about where it leads or if you’ll be capable of handling it,” he says. With the support of Aquarius by your side, those who luck out during this new moon will be empowered by the fixed sign’s unwavering ethic." says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. “

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