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This Friday, February 9th, the new moon at 20 degrees Aquarius occurs at 3:58pm MDT. It is the first super moon of 2024, initiating a fresh new lunar cycle. The new moon in Aquarius is a greattime to bring in new beginnings, and to plant seeds for what you would like to create over the next 28 day cycle.

The air sign of Aquarius brings the energy of the intellect, communications, and ideologies. I brings electric energy and universal thought, for a new day, and a new life for all to enjoy. Expect with our new beginnings that it is time to challenge the status quo and find a new way, personally, and collectively. Aquarius seeks individuality, yet to be part of the group at the same time. With this new moon it is an excellent time to celebrate your unique self, and to celebrate one another. Rather than be separate through our differences, it asks us to unite and know that we are all amazing, different, and important together.

With this new moon you can expect rapid, surprising changes as it squares with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planetary ruler of Aquarius, associated with progressive ideas and movements. The old is letting go as the new energies invite us to be visionary, inventive, curious, creative, and out of the box to find our way into a new world that is potent for positive change.

Take time to be still in the new energies so you can tune into how this affects you personally. What do you truly desire in this new cycle? Can you still your mind, your body, and your soul to be honest and in touch with what is important? Can you follow your breath into the stillness to know? What are you willing to commit to for your true happiness, health, well-being, and joy in life now?

I am often reminded of the many times I have said YES to my next steps when I did not know the “how”. I followed the ‘breadcrumbs’ of synchronicity that matched my true desires and said YES. What followed with each yes were initiatory experiences that brought my next chapter into focus and tangible birth of a new way of being. At age 25 I remember telling my boyfriend I would just love to go to art school for a year (I had another degree already that I didn't use.) He said, "Why not?" YES! Why not go? And with that I began my adventure of exploration and curiosity as to where I would go, when, etc. 18 months later I was at Kansas City Art Institute. I was there three years and graduated with a painting degree. Can you imagine if I didn't go? I can tell you many more stories of saying YES when I was afraid I couldn't.

2024 seems like a year of leveling up, a time of going forward and letting go of the past that no longer serves us. What are you curious about experiencing, or focusing on that you truly desire in your life? Work with this New Moon in Aquarius to bring in vision and to gain support from the Cosmos to move you forward in your life.

Take time for yourself in meditation and reflection to still your mind from the chaos that you may tune into the higher potential awaiting you to live. Truly, how good can it get if you say YES to what you truly desire to live in your life. It is yours to create.

As the Buddha said, "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path."
New Moon in Aquarius Mythical Goddess Tarot reading with Katherine Skaggs
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