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November Goddess Forecast

by Sage Holloway

Through the Eye of the Needle:
Stand in Your Power, Face Your Fear and Follow Your Destiny

We, as humans transmuting on Earth, have come through the great Mayan Portal known as the Ninth Gate and are in the Great Frequency Shift . This is the last portal in the Mayan Calendar before 2012. It is starting gently, but is increasing in intensity, day by day and moment by moment. Do you feel it? If not, hang on to your cosmic socks, because you will be very soon.

Pay attention to the downloads, visions and grand ideas that are coming to you, as guidance in these times is coming in ways that cannot be ignored. Honor your downloads and the information that you get, as it is essential to your personal and ultimate transformation, the very key to unlock the full spectrum of radiance that is yours to claim.

We each individually have the power to honor our needs and in addressing them and taking care of ourselves change the course of the human collective destiny. Every one of us has more ability to change humanity’s outcome in ways we cannot imagine. I invite you to face your fear, feel your power, know that you are in control of your life, and stand tall to not be subject to the seeming oppression of your spirit..whether through your relationships, work situations or most intimate partnerships.

Big changes are upon us! Let these cycles of massive shift assist you in making all the changes necessary in your life! Let trust in Life overpower your fear. Seek your Divine Guidance. It has never before been easier to align with your true soul pupose and let it be your experience and what drives you in your life. How will you know it? It is what fuels your passion, of course!

Our life is a dance…we are all great artists and must create! Creation comes from your essence…as you let creativity flow through you and out into your world to bless all of humanity and this beautiful Earth, you will draw in those who do the same, who have similar goals and vision. These are the days of power and manifestation on Earth! Stand tall and meet your destiny!

Sage is currently offereing tarot reading specifically facilitating guidance for the navigation through the Ninth Gate. Contact her at (970) 221-3840.

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