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Coming out of the Full Moon Energy, Easter, Passover, and Ramadan this past weekend we are being encouraged to shed the skins of the past, to honor the experiences and the wisdom given through their lessons, to bring the blessings and teachings into our human experience. It is time to ground our spiritual wisdom through the physical reality. It is time to see more clearly, to be more clear, to unite our essence into the physical.

One-card inspiration with the Mythical Goddess Tarot to help us move into a new way of being, to support us embodying a new way of being. How do we marry our polar opposites? How do we come into greater oneness marrying our yin and yang, our shadow and light, our human and our spirit? What is the support and message that will help us at this time that brings healing and blessings for our new life.

The Earth Element 

Earth is the element of the physical, the human experience, career, finances, relationships, home, the body, and health. It represents all aspects of our earth reality. It is our foundation for being in a body in this world, and the opportunity for great soul growth through earth school. 

The Crone of Earth

The Crone is the Wise Woman, the one who has traversed many cycles to become the elder and the knower. The Crone of Earth in particular represents the awakening of the soul through the human experiences and bringing it all the way into your phsyical conscious reality. It is the acceptance of our Divinity in our physical reality. Through this we heal and transmute the very cells of your physical self, and your ancestral DNA, and your spiritual DNA. She is the warrior Goddess who breaks old patterns and shifts behaviors. She brings new opportunities of new consciousness, heart, mind, and body. Imagine, your very DNA is ready to be illuminated and brought to new life!

This is the wisdom Crone Mama who is here to remind us to that the earth walk is a world of duality and polarity, a world of cycles, that is filled with opportunities and lessons for the soul's adventure. It is time to reflect upon our earthly experiences, that we may squeeze all the juice of love and gold out of them, and to compost the feelings and beliefs that separate us from love. It is time for wisdom to come all the way into our human consciousness that brings us to our divinity. Join wise woman and artist of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, Katherine Skaggs, to look at the deeper teachings that are here for us now to heal through the challenges in our earthly world at this time, and what we are being called to illuminate and to heal, that we may awaken.

As you call forth the Crone within your Earth experiences, the wisdom in your experiences and within your very being, know that you are stepping into what is needed to change and begin anew in an expanded version of yourself.  Old identities are composting as you transmute pain into awareness through love, forgiveness, compassion, and wisdom. Your world is ready to ascend into an awakened experience. 

Blessings and love

Katherine Skaggs

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