Feather Tools

Each feather tool is made by shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs in prayer, ceremony, and with ritual. Most if not all of the feathers are collected by Katherine from birds who have dropped their bodies for her to find. Or they have come from game birds who have gifted them to Katherine for sacred use.

Feather tools are excellent for using in smudging ceremonies with sage, cedar, sweetgrass, sacred tobacco, or other smudge mixtures. They are also perfect tools to clear energy in any energy healing session. Use to bring in high vibrational energy with intention and prayer, as well as to clean away dense energy in the energy field. Use on individuals, and also in physical spaces such as a home or office space.

Each bird who has offered its feather for the tool brings its own shamanic medicine and energy. I.E., goose offers the medicine of teamwork, unity, and support as well as bravery and fertility; turkey offers the medicine of abundance, fertility, new beginnings, and nourishment... and the list goes on.

Notice what feathers are attractive to you, then read about the meaning of what you choose later. Whatever you are attracted to is most likely the medicine that is perfect for you at this time.

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