Flower Waters

Flower waters are excellent ways to clean and clear an individual's energy bodies. This not only clears but raises your vibration. They are excellent for personal use, as well as use in healing work. They are also used ceremonial preparation,  for clearing shamanic tools, and clearing physical space, such as work or home. These waters are all from Peru and used in shamanic healing work and ceremony.

ORIGINS - Only from PERU
Original Agua de Florida water from Peru is used by healers and shamans from Peru and South America. This Florida water is used in ceremonial contexts to cleanse, purify, elevate experiences and heal on various levels of being. The other flower waters work in similar manner with various fragrances and energies that are more specific to protection, healing the heart, balancing energy, etc.

Flower waters help also to eliminate headaches caused by stress. Apply to the forehead by gently massaging the temple to bring relaxation in the muscles and a decrease in tension. Rub into muscles in other parts of the body to invigorate and relaxes the muscles. Help to reduce swelling in non-poisonous insect bites.

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