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Amabie Altar Card


5x7" Altar Card with inspiration on the back.



The Mermaid Water Spirit of Protection

Harvest • Abundance • Protection from Sickness

“Blessed Amabie, powerful Water Spirit of the Seas,
Protect me and mine now from all disease.
Clear our hearts of fear, that we may rise above,
Restored by the light of truth, and the power of love. 

Amabie, is the ancient Japanese Mermaid Water Spirit of Protection, long known to bring blessings of abundance, and to stave off disease. She appears once again, to bring great protection in times of great challenge.

Amabie, is the epitome of a helping spirit and shamanic ally. She invites you to call her into your life, to clean away that which makes you sick, and that which makes the world sick. 

She is very good at clearing fear, and bringing one back to the heart of truth and love. She helps to clean away what separates us from love, from harmony, and from beauty. She reminds us that true beauty lies within us, and that it is time to find beauty within all life.

Sit with her image and call her now. Thank her for her gifts and capacity to clean dense, fearful energy. Your gratitude is an offering that feeds her heart spaces. It is the reciprocity we all need to participate in, giving thanks, and giving love. 

Art and Text by Katherine Skaggs ©2020

Read more about Amabie, ancient Japanese Water Spirit, as well as watch the video of her arrival on canvas, from a live channeled painting session with Katherine Skaggs.

Amabie, Mermaid Water Spirit Ally to Heal, to Protect

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in
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