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Angel Horatio the Giant


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Horatio the Giant

Presence • Love • Wisdom • Truth

Now is the time. There is no going back. Reap
the wisdom from the past. Be present in love.

Angel Horatio the Giant is an ancient Celestial Being known as a Watcher. He lives outside of time and space and has been watching over humankind since its birth. He observes all choices and cycles; all that is, all that was, and possible realities that will be. Everything everywhere is a multi-verse of infinite alternate realities born of choice. He radiates Divine Love and Truth to shift your spiritual and physical DNA, and to illuminate and awaken your soul awareness.

Horatio signals you to be here now. It is time to choose your reality from the present moment. Great joy and possibility are here now. He signals you to en-JOY yourself as the infinite Divine light flows to you. 

Do you consciously choose what you create? Or is life happening to you? Do your memories have more significant meaning than your current experiences or are you living for a future yet unborn? If you are living in the past, reflect on the unpleasant cycles that are unconsciously repeating. Then, harvest the good and compost the rest. There is no going back. On the other hand, if you are living for the future, it is time to honor where you are, who you are, and what you have now.

Katherine Skaggs ©2022 Art and Text
Born of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle and the original acrylic painting Horatio the Giant.

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Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in

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