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Ebook - Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine by Sage Holloway

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Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, rodents, fish, horses, dolphins and farm animals benefit from the gentle healing methods of vibrational medicine. Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine explains how to create remedies specifically for individual ailments … with no harmful side effects! Essences, or vibrational remedies, are elixirs of water infused with the energy frequency of flowers, gems, minerals, elements, stars, or sacred earth spaces. These high-energy frequencies invite the individual’s energetic field to resonate at the higher vibration, balancing and healing the energy system through the body.

Animal Healing is a resource and reference guide for over 1,000 energetic remedies. It provides a variety of ways to administer them to animals, and it takes the guesswork out of how they work. You will find remedies for: Addition or loss of a family member (animal or human) Fear of not enough attention to go around, Moving anxiety, Stress from specialized and obedience training, Living predominantly indoors, Immune system dysfunctions cause by processed pet food, Medical and surgical procedure recovery, Injuries and infestations, Exposure to environmental and household toxins, And many more.

“Quietly, gently, radically, Sage Holloway challenges the veterinary industry to open its mind and its heart to a whole new range and vocabulary of care-giving. Every human being who resides with, or has feelings for, a member of some other species would do well to become familiar with these ‘alternative’ insights into health. As an interspecies guide, it is absorbing. Whether one agrees with all of its assertions matters not, for the underlying love of all plants and animals that emerges from the book can only help to stop the cruelty that Homo sapiens have collectively, insanely inflicted on mother earth and all her precious progeny for thousands of years.” Dr. Michael Tobias, author of World War III: Population and the Biosphere at the End of the Millennium and A Vision of Nature: Traces of the Original World

“This book deserves to be read and its contents explored and tested by open-minded individuals interested in the process of healing.” Bernie Siegel, M.D., author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and Prescriptions for Living

“An illuminating guide of holistic wisdom that is essential to survival as a species and a wake up call that speaks to the amnesia of mainstream consciousness. As humankind awakens to its own need for natural rhythm and seeks to heal the separation of body and soul … this sensitive book will serve as the map … a way for us to see the road back to being keepers of the Earth and all her living creatures. Animal Healing And Vibrational Medicine is a resonate voice of the Ancient Future … it is time to celebrate”Springs Romano, Ph.D., author of Powers That Be

“For years I have utilized vibrational remedies with animals – wild and domestic. They are one of the most effective healing methods for work with wildlife. Sage Holloway’s Animal Healing and Vibrational Medicine provides very practical and easy-to-follow guidelines for using vibrational remedies with the animal kingdom. Whether a professional healer, a pet owner or even a wildlife rehabilitator – you will benefit from this text. More importantly, the animals in your life will as well.” Ted Andrews, author of Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise.

“How refreshing to read a book on a controversial mode of healing animals (and people) by someone who actually knows what she is talking about. Beyond the emotional fizz that so often accompanies this type of book, Sage Holloway shows from the first pages that she is a person who is in touch with the vibrational energies that are an unrealized part of our daily lives. I enjoyed this book very much, and for all those people who are open to a deepening of the expression of their lives, while helping and healing their animals, I thoroughly recommend it.” Michael J. Roads, author of Talking with Nature and Journey into Nature.

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