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Archangel Ramiel - Angel of Hope


5×7″ altar card printed full color on front, with black and white text on 15 pt. card stock. UV coated front and back.

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Archangel Ramiel

Hope • Faith • Divine Order • Trust

Be steadfast in Hope, focused in the Light. The
storms will pass. All things are in Divine Order.

Archangel Ramiel brings the light of hope and healing to get you through the storms of life, promising a new day full of blessings. She beckons deep emotional cleansing where negativity has overflowed, bringing release and restoration into all parts of the Self. She reminds you that all is in Divine Order, and the storms will pass soon enough. 

Call to Archangel Ramiel when you find yourself deluged in the storms of life. Look for the rainbows that come after the storms to guide you, assuring you that all is well. Healing energy is present. It shines through the darkness to uplift and guide you through the current dilemma into the light of a new day. 

Go deep into the showers of life, allowing them to wash over you and return you to your Divine essence. Let the thunderstorms penetrate and clear away stagnant energies, repressed emotions, denial, depression, and negativity. As the old patterns, habits, and structures are released, your soul’s highest good is restored. 

Blessings are upon you as the calm follows the storm. The Universe has your back. 

Katherine Skaggs ©2022 Art and Text
Born of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle and the original watercolor painting Rainbow Hope.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in

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