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Artist Shaman Healer Sage Book


Internationally lauded, award-winning, best seller! A beautiful, full color, illustrated 264-page, 6×9″ book filled with timeless shamanic teachings, practices, rituals, and ceremonies for making change in your life.

“A Practitioner Guidebook”

Katherine Skaggs has helped us enter a rich world of Shamanic history that comes to life before our very eyes. Her language and paintings lift her personal and ancestral wisdom, lessons, prayers, and recipes off the pages into the place where dreams come alive. Vivid stories from the past emerge into the now. Sacredness and honor for all life glide us throughout the book like an illumined feather pen casting magic of love, power, and remembrance upon the heart. Her passion for Shamanism and commitment to keep these stories alive is the true binding that holds together this fascinating knowledge, faith-inspired antiquity, and a value system steeped by a people deeply connected to nature, spirits, and All That Is. Artist Shaman Healer Sage is worthy of being deemed a practitioner guide book, an explorer's how-to book, and a historian's collector item.

— Diane K.
Founder, Differing Together™

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