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Ascended Master Sananda



Ascended Master of the Cosmic Christ Light

Art and Inspiration by Katherine Skaggs

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

"Master Sananda, Cosmic Christ,
Purify and illumine my body, mind and soul
Ascending in love frequencies and light."


Open your heart and soul to Master Sananda, the Cosmic Christ Light. Invoke his wisdom and presence to activate your inner Christ Light and purify your body, mind and soul. Be awakened to the energies of peace and restoration of the frequency of unconditional love.

He reminds you to look within, and "Know Thyself." Be still, go inside, and you will discover the riches of your Sacred Heart and Christ Self.

Gaze upon Sananda and allow his light, his gaze and his illuminated heart to penetrate your body, your mind and your Spirit. Let his Christed Spirit song vibration enter into every cell of your being, and awaken your true essence.

It is your time for awakening, illumination and soul restoration. It is time for love, peace, brotherhood, service and freedom.

Sananda, is the Ascended Master of the Cosmic Christ Light. He walked upon this Earth and was also known as Jesus the Christ and Yeshua. As the Ascended Master and Cosmic Christ energy, he works diligently with Ascended Master Lady Nada to bring peace and restore the frequency of unconditional love into the hearts of humanity.

The Cosmic Christ brings the essence energies, frequencies and codes of light for activating and awakening the Christ heart of humanity. Sananda is the Sanskrit name (as well as Galactic name) for Jesus, embodied with high frequency energy of samadhi, or what we know as love and bliss. This Ascended Master brings us the teachings of “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”


This beautiful, high frequency image of Sananda is a portal for activating the sacred heart of unconditional love, as well as the frequency light codes and sound codes of the Cosmic Christ energy.


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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 1 in

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