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Ascension Goddess



Ascension Goddess

Original acrylic painting by Katherine Skaggs, ©2007

The Ascension Goddess told me she was a collective consciousness of many beings (like Abraham), expressing as a warrior goddess of power and change. She told me that she brings Light through Fire and transformation. She heals with Fire. The heat of transformation. She is a healing wise woman of God/Gold… She represents the tribes, the bird clan of the North and the Northern Lights off this Earth. We are of the Pleiades and are the fire planet, the sun planet of transformation.

The red and green are rays of healing; the yellow and white tools to the light body for ascension. We come to heal the bridge of the heart to the root to humans, to infuse a shift at a dna level. These colors vibrate at a frequency healing of heart, soul and body.

It is time for soul passion and truth to pierce the mind and body of man through the divine feminine presence. It is time for the Heaven’s energies to vibrate into the Earth plane in a manner that shifts and breaks old patterns. The red is necessary for the intensity needed to break through the old patterns of habit. The turquiose teal brings gentleness with strength. It is the wisdom of the soul heart infusing the red passion ray. The yellow and white enforce the wisdom and frequency of the Christ Light.

The dots in the painting are aboriginal frequencies and true Earth dwellers who live within the planet. IN IT! They are multi-dimensional beings of Light, wise beyond our knowledge. The dots are points of consciousness from other star systems of knowledge. They provide portals to this dimensional consciousness.

And yes, the turquoise dot in the lower left is a master teacher and healer portal – Being of Light, grateful for its presence in this work.

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