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Introspection • Wisdom • Healing • Presence

“Bear Shaman Woman, Ancient Mother to All,
Help me to listen, and answer your call.
Teach me the medicine ways of Mother Earth,
That I might rise in healing wisdom, and the power of re-birth.” 

Today I bring you the Medicine of Bear Shaman Woman to guide you through introspection, wisdom and healing medicines born of the Ancestors. This ancient one says to walk amidst the woods, through the trees and amongst the plants and stone people. She says to respect the Earth and all she gives you. Be present wherever you are. Be present with all Mother Earth gives you, for she gives you the medicine you need.

She brings you the medicine of plants today, to heal your bodies and to awaken your immune systems. She also brings the the medicine of Bear to turn to your true power to stand tall, to weather the storms of life, and to go within, into dream time, as you need to restore yourself. She also brings you her power staff with the medicine of Eagle, to see beyond the illusions of human life. She signals you to rise above this world and to gain clarity of sight from the perspective of Eagle.

This powerful, medicine woman shaman, knows the way to wellness and abundance. Be one with nature, and know the way will show you what is medicine and what is poison. Listen to your body and your heart. Know that Spirit has a plan. For you to know the plan you must be quiet and present. Only then will you know the path to fulfillment.

This Medicine Bear Shaman Woman reminds you that "All is Given." Trust this sacred law.

 Art and text by Katherine Skaggs ©2020

Bear Shaman Woman

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