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Bowl of Light

This image is from a commission of a friend who works with Hawaiian Huna teachings. In these teachings the Bowl of Light represents our essence and true identity of pure love and light. It is a symbol of who we are as we are born, a perfect bowl of light, bright, and shining. As we grow and are challenged in our human journey we must take care of our bowl of light. For our bowl of light is love, self-respect, strength, health, well-being, happiness, joy and fulfillment. It is understanding all things.

If we become angry, or ashamed, resentful, or fearful, or any number of negative emotions and thoughts, a stone drops into the bowl of light and our light is displaced. If this goes unattended, we become sick, disconnected from who we are, lost in suffering, unhappy, and then eventually our light goes completely out.

When life happens and we find ourselves dropping stones in our bowl of light, we must stop and practice loving presence, loving kindness. If we will drop down into our heart spaces of forgiveness and compassion, we can turn the stones into crystals and transform our experiences of pain and suffering into beautiful, rich, sparkling light reflectors. Our stones can become gems, and we will discover how rich we are by accepting our experiences and gathering their wisdom.

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