Buffalo Hide Native Hand Drum to Order


Each drum is custom made in ceremony and blessed especially for you by master drum maker and shamanic practitioner Katherine Skaggs. Allow 2-4 weeks to ship.


native-american-drums-1Buffalo Hide
Native Hand Drum


Each ancient native style hand drum, is made by Katherine Skaggs in a traditional way in ceremony and with prayer. Katherine is now a master drum maker and also teaches many to make their own drums. Each drum is handcrafted with great love and attention. It is a well tied, full wrap frame drum made for rigorous use. Katherine also provides documentation for the “Care and Feeding of Your Drum”, so you will have a long lasting relationship with your drum.

These drums are excellent for drum circles, personal use in ceremony and ritual, as well as in shamanic healing and other sound healing practices.

Each drum is a one of a kind instrument, varying in color and pattern from the beauty of each buffalo and the medicine it brings. Hides may vary with many different natural patterns. The drum frames are made of maple, and the drum sticks with alder wood.

The buffalo hide drum is a thicker hide and perfect for moving from dry to humid climates for holding its tone. All hide drums breathe and are affected by the humidity or dryness in a climate. This is something that you can work with easily and can actually learn to tune your drum to a deeper or higher tone with the instructions Katherine will share with you upon purchase.

What size?

14″ – 16″ are perfect size hand drums, regardless of the hide. They travel easily and are great for first timers as well as those who have drummed a long time. Lighter than the larger drums, making it easy to drum for long periods of time.

18″ – 20″ typically offer a deeper tone without getting too large. It is perfect for most adults.

****The 24″ hand drum is my favorite for making deep tones with incredible healing vibrations, though I like the 24″ best in elk. However, the larger the drum, the more weight you have to navigate. Buffalo can be very thick and may make a very heavy hand drum, making it difficult for longer periods of time.  So the 24″ is not for everyone and not always best with the thicker hides when making into a hand held drum.

If you want the larger, 24″ drum please contact me for further information and cost.

These drums hold the medicine of Buffalo, as well as the maple tree for the hoop. Buffalo Medicine brings the energy of abundance, prosperity, self-reliance and the ability to stand one’s ground. It also brings protection of one’s resources. This is a medicine of empowerment, and of one who is willing to take the role of teacher who empowers others. The maple tree brings wisdom, promise, balance and great magic. The drum itself is the symbol and medicine of the heart. It connects us to our soul’s heart and our roots.

Currently there are no Buffalo Drums in stock. So if you order, these are commissions only at this moment. With that said expect 3-4 weeks before the drum is ready for you. I have to order the hides, schedule making the drum, and allow it to cure out. It is well worth the wait though if you desire.

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