Creation Mother Goddess Altar Card


Creation Mother Goddess 5×7″ Altar Card inspires you to create anew with beautiful goddess imagery by Katherine Skaggs and uplifting words Sage Holloway.


Creation Mother Goddess


“O beautiful Goddess, Creator of Dreams
Teach me to believe!
The magic of my dreams appears in my life
When I open to receive.”

Evoke the assistance of this Creation Mother Goddess to believe and nurture your dreams. She shows the way, through Her Divine Feminine essence, to remember and imagine your dreams, and make them real in all you say and do. When you open to receive your dream magic, you are paying attention to important messages from Spirit. These are blessings for yourself and those in your world.

Call forth the Creation Mother to help you trust your dreams, envision the possibilities, and create the world you desire.

Create Your Altar with Your Altar Print – Each Soul Essence Altar Print helps you focus your intent and purpose for your altar. Place the card in the center of your altar with any special objects that resonate with your intention, such as a written prayer, a candle, a crystal, incense, flowers, feathers or small sacred statuary. Each item is to remind you life is a sacred ceremony.

Published by Star Chalice Sisters Publishing, a division of Soul Sistas Creative Productions, LLC.


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