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Dream a New Dream


Dream a New Dream by Katherine Skaggs


Dream a New Dream

Original acrylic painting by Katherine Skaggs, ©2010-2013

It is time to Dream A New Dream for ourselves, through the love and beauty of our hearts. That is the message Katherine received when she sat to get guidance and insight for the new year of 2011. Dream a New Dream flooded on to canvas, giving clarity and wisdom of the sacred heart and soul. Her message and beauty was clear:

"Allow the beauty of your enlightened heart of unconditional love and wisdom to take you inside and remember who you are, to bring that enlightened heart energy into your heart/mind and to dream and speak a new dream… one filled with only love, light, hope, beauty and amazing joy for life. Be centered in the peace that emanates from this beauty. There is nothing to do but dream from the place of the divine heart within ourselves. And when we do, we must know that only love can be born and expanded. Let this Being of Love give light and love to you and to your dreams."

The original art of Dream a New Dream is acrylic on 18x24" canvas. This image acts as a portal, to awaken the potential of Dreaming a New Dream in our personal life, as well as for our dream world at large.

The fine art giclee' poster print is printed with archival pigments. All fine art giclee prints on watercolor paper or canvas are of archival quality and are rated to last 80-100 years. Fine art giclee' prints can be created up to the original size of art and are beautiful, timeless reproductions, hand signed by Katherine Skaggs. Once ordered, giclee' prints can take 8 to 10 days to ship.

The digital art print is a beautiful replication of the art, and fits any budget. Digital prints will typically ship in 24-72 hours. If this has to be ordered at the printer, it will drop ship and can take up to three weeks to arrive.

If you want this image in another size or format, please contact us and we'll custom create your order for you if possible.

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