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Goddess Amaterasu Altar Card



Art by Katherine Skaggs with Inspirations by Sage Holloway

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

Amaterasu - Radiance

"Amaterasu, Goddess of Heaven,
lighting the darkest night,
Uplift me into your solar fire
that I may radiate your light."

Call in Amaterasu, the beautiful Sun Goddess, to bestow the gifts of healing radiance and joy to you during a time of darkness in your life. Let Her loving warmth enfold you in comfort and support, where you are free to safely express your beautiful, sunny self.

Invoke Amaterasu to help you find optimism in all of life's circumstances that you may manifest your heart's joy, and light the way for others.

Amaterasu is a major deity of Japanese Shinto religion, and is the Goddess of the Sun, as well as Universe.  Her name is derived from "Amateru" meaning "shining in heaven." She brings light and the solar radiation necessary for growth and creation.

Amaterasu once got angry with her brother, and went into a cave and would not come out. The world grew dark and all the gods and goddesses became very worried and upset. Everything was dying without the light of the Sun Goddess. They lamented, moaned and cried by the campfire as they wondered what would happen to the world. They had tried everything they could think of to get Amaterasu out of the cave to no avail.

Along comes Uzume, a lesser goddess of laughter and mirth. She was a wise and funny goddess, who knew exactly how to change things. She brought her very large drum and set it by the fire. She stepped upon it and began to do a lewd and bawdy strip tease, making all the gods and goddesses laugh with great abandon. It got uproariously loud, gaining the attention of Amaterasu.

Amaterasu rolls the stone away, not able to resist coming out to find out what was going on. The world lit back up and all was well.

Uzume reminds us of the intrinsic relationship of our light to our humor. Don't take it all so seriously. Lighten up, and keep your world warm and full of light.

Create Your Altar with Your Altar Card– Each Mythical Goddess Altar Card helps you focus your intent and purpose for your altar. Place the card in the center of your altar with any special objects that resonate with your intention, such as a written prayer, a candle, a crystal, incense, flowers, feathers or small sacred statuary. Each item is to remind you life is a sacred ceremony.

Mythical Goddess Altar Cards and Prints are inspired by the Mythical Goddess Tarot, author Sage Holloway, artist Katherine Skaggs. They are published by Star Chalice Sisters Publishing, a division of Soul Sistas Creative Productions, LLC.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 × .125 in

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