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Goddess Ix Chel Altar Card



Ix Chel

Profound Introspection

"O Ix Chel, Soul of the Moon and emotion,
Holding open the portal of transcendence
My heart and Soul are yours in devotion
Waking my Being to remembrance.

Call in Ix Chel to illuminate your depths of feeling and intuitive perception.
Her ancient Mayan wisdom is available to assist you in your Soul work
finding your strength and power through profound introspection.

Within the core of your Being lie the star codes of your hidden DNA. Ask
for lx Chel's illumination of these subterranean realms, where these codes
can now be activated into stellar alignment with Her and the source of
your Being.

Let these powerful depths of feeling and stellar information surface through
your intuition, and trust what emerges as the magnificence of who you are.

Text by Sage Holloway ©2008-2022
Art by Katherine Skaggs ©2008-2022

Altar Card inspired by the iconic, award-winning Mythical Goddess Tarot, author Sage Holloway, artist Katherine Skaggs

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .125 in

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