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Guardian Angel Soul Painting


Guardian Angel Paintings are channeled celestial guide portraits with spiritual messages and healing energy. Channeled especially for you in a live session either in-studio or remote on zoom. Schedule by email at your earliest convenience.


In-Studio or Long-distance with Katherine Skaggs

A Guardian Angel Soul Portrait connects you to your personal guardian angel celestial spirit guide through channeled imagery, color, vibration, symbol and spiritual guidance. We all have one or more guardian angels who watch over and guide us in our human journey. Their higher perspective, wisdom, and immense love are the healing salve we need as support in our lives. They, as all our other guides, show up when we need them most. They are always near as part of a guide team dedicated to protecting and empowering you throughout your life.

Your Guardian Angels protect, guide, and teach you in areas of life where you most need it. They are both practical and highly spiritual in how they support you. Your Guardian Angel Soul Painting helps establish contact with the Spirit of your Guardian Angel. The painting itself is not only an energetic and visual representation of your Guardian Angel, it is a portal to their presence.

The Physical and Spiritual Painting

You will receive a professional acrylic painting on canvas, along with intuitive guidance, interpretation of colors, symbols and messages that come during the channeled session. Long distance sessions also receive an opportunity to join on  Zoom, as well as a video recording of your session that will be sent to you after the session.

Katherine ships paintings across the United States, into Canada and as far as Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Croatia and South Africa. There is no place too far.

You pay for the soul portrait and calculated shipping internationally ONLY. You are responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

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Soul Portrait

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