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Healing with the Goddess


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Healing with the Goddess: Myth, Medicine and Mystery for Awakening is an in-depth study and experience with 22 Goddesses from around the world, which also are aligned with the archetypes  of the major arcana of the Mythical Goddess Tarot, and the healing power they offer.

This course is Self Study and you may begin at anytime!

This 22-week course will explore the mythology and power of the following 22 Goddesses, plus:

  • Archetypal wisdom
  • Corresponding Divine Feminine Tarot archetype
  • Shadow Wisdom, transformation and medicine
  • Each Goddess' Earth Medicines of Flower Essences, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Gemstones and Gem Elixirs
  • Guided meditations
  • Extensive  offerings of spiritual practices and healing modalities are offered specific to each Goddess

Weekly lessons will be given in written, audio and video formats for every Goddess. Other modalities included for each goddess range from altar work to recorded meditations, to breath work and other exercises to guide you into healing and embodied empowerment.

The Goddesses included in this course are:

Uzume - Japanese Shinto Goddess of Laughter and Mirth
Morgan le Fay - Celtic Goddess of the Fairies, and Priestess of Avalon
Isis - Egyptian Great Mother of Fertility, Death, Rebirth, Wisdom
Kuan Yin - Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy
Lilith - Ancient Sumerian Goddess
Sophia - Mother Goddess of Wisdom
Shakti - Hindu Goddess of Primal Energy
Athena - Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War
Crow Woman - Native American Goddess Shapeshifter
Yemaya - Caribbean Goddess of the Ocean
Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of Wealth, Fortune & Beauty
White Buffalo Calf Woman - Native American Goddess of Sacred Ceremony & Purification
Mother Mary - Christian Great Mother Goddess of Compassion and Unconditional Love
Kali - Hindu Goddess of Death and Liberation
Mary Magdalene - The Bride of Christ, Goddess of Initiation
Pele - Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes and Lightening
Pleiadian Star Goddess - Star Goddess of Divine Destiny
Ix Chex - Mayan Moon Goddess
Amaterasu - Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess
Aditi - Ancient Hindu Mother Sky Goddess of the Cosmic Void and endless possibility
Gaia - Primal Mother Earth Goddess, the ancestral mother of life

Each Goddess, her myth and her healing tools and modalities will help you change your life, bringing healing, illumination and awakening.

We are the change. May this bless you beyond immeasurable belief. You are the blessing.

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