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Innocence - Child of Seas Altar Card



Art and inspiration by Katherine Skaggs

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

Innocence - Child of Seas

"Sacred Child of Innocence, Protected and Pure
Guide me fearlessly through the Sea of Life
At peace within all the storms"Centered in the safety of the heart of purity and love."

The Child of Seas beckons you to safety of your purity and innocence, centered in love, unpadded by the life journey. Ask her to assist you in navigating through the frequency of love, always protected and illuminated in all your endeavors.

This Child of Seas teaches trust, especially during stormy and uncertain times in your life. She assists you in finding your true center and innocence that dwells within your heart spaces and purity of Spirit. Your own child-like Spirit restores and guides you in power and peace.

This image is born of the Seas suite of the Mythical Goddess Tarot. The Seas is the water suit and is about the emotional, watery journey of life. The child is the sacred position of precious purity and innocence that always protects and guides us.

This card is printed on 15pt cover stock cut to 5x7" with a matte coating. Excellent for altar work and inspiration.

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