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Jaguar Shaman Altar Card


5x7" Altar card with beautiful art and inspiration on the back.

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Jaguar Shaman

Medicine to Shape Shift Your Life

Intention • Realization • Transformation

“Jaguar Shaman, Master Seer and Guide of my Soul,
Assist me now through clarity of focus, clarity of intention,
That I may now shape shift my life through Divine intervention.

Jaguar Shaman brings us the Medicine of Intention today, to assist us in shape shifting our reality! This wise, master seer understands the weavings of the invisible Spirit world and the visible, physical world. She teaches you the power of transformation comes through focus and intention.

Where is your focus now? Are you focused in love or in fear? Are you imagining a new reality born of wonderment and joy, or one born of dread and trauma?

Align to your true heart’s desires and soul passions NOW. Breathe. Be still.

Connect upwards to the high vibrations of the heavenly realms, then open to receive the energy flow from Heaven to Earth. In doing so, align with your soul's timeless knowing, and the vast potential of the Cosmos. Now focus this light to your true heart dreams.

With clear focus and intention, you will shape shift your entire being, and the life you express. Collectively we birth a new paradigm. Do your part!

Take time to focus on beauty, on love, and all that inspires, looking beyond all limitation. Observe within and without. Be in the flow of Spirit.

Ask Jaguar Shaman to be your ally. Ask for her assistance for clear, soulful, heart centered intentions to arise fully in your consciousness, fueling your life into form. You are being initiated into the awakened, shape shifter of your own life.

It is time to shape shift your reality through the medicine of intention that Jaguar Shaman offers you now.

Art and words ©2020 Katherine Skaggs

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in
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