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Jaguar Shaman


Jaguar Totem - Solar Tone of Intention is available in poster prints on paper, as well as fine art prints on canvas, and on aluminum.


Jaguar Shaman

Shapeshifter • Clarity of Intention • Observation • Restoration
Medicine for awakening the mind and illuminating the soul.
Adapted for Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

The essence of this Jaguar totem is birthed through this Jaguar Shaman shape shifter, and inspired by the Solar Tone of Intention from the Mayan Dreamspell. She is here to connect your inner consciousness with the creation of your outer reality. Jaguar is the totem energy to assist you in activating your Awakened Mind. It is time to flow into the multidimensionality of consciousness, with the ability to use the energy of intention to create and shape shift your reality.

This Jaguar Shaman is a master seer who is able to see beyond the physical world into the Spirit realm, understanding the origins of what is expressing into form. She is here to assist you in aligning with your highest expression, so you may move out of the 3D illusions of human life, ascending into higher awareness and experience. This powerful Jaguar Shaman connects you to the vastness of all that is and great potential that exists beyond the limitations of your 3D self.

Take time to focus and look beyond all distortion. Observe within and without. Be in the flow of Spirit within yourself and in the natural flow of timeless life, allowing your intentions to align with your heart and soul passions. This alignment will shape shift your entire being and life expressing.

If this image has inspired you today, notice how you feel, and ask for your clear, soulful, heart centered intentions to arise fully in your consciousness, fueling your life into form. You are the awakened shape shifter and creater of all you dream and experience.

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