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Ascended Master Lady Nada


Lady Nada acrylic painting by Katherine Skaggs. Poster prints and fine prints available.


Lady Nada
Ascended Master of the Feminine Christ Light

Lady Nada is the Ascended Master of unconditional love and wisdom, who teaches us the practical application of love through service on the path of the personal Christhood.

Call upon Lady Nada to instruct you in being an instrument of peace, loving kindness and service in your own awakening, in service to the awakening of humanity. Be peaceful, gracious, kind and loving to all, forgiving and transmuting through the power of unconditional love.

Receive her pink rose into your heart, to activate and awaken the sensitivity of the Sacred Heart, infusing you with the frequency of the Christ heart.

Lady Nada is here to distribute the divine feminine energies to Earth once again, bringing the masculine and feminine into balance once again. She works with Master Sananda to bring Peace.

Lady Nada works with the vibration of sound, to bring healing and cleansing of the subtle bodies. Through these vibrations she realigns our energy bodies to that of unconditional love, restoring our Divine Blueprint and assisting in humanity's evolution. She is here to help our hearts overflow in nothing but love, opening our heart spaces in full flow. She is one of many to assist us in awakening our mind, body and spirits to the light of the Christ frequency.

If you are in need of healing, truth and love, Lady Nada is here for you now. Focus upon her image, call her to your heart, and open for  her to minister to your true soul needs and desires to be awake. Allow her song and imagery to penetrate the illusion of human suffering, and to awaken the joy of the Christ light within your very heart. Be blessed by her joyful offerings of love. Be healed to your true essence self and remember who you are as a Divine Blessed One.

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