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Luna So-Lar Tara


Luna So-Lar Tara poster prints and fine art prints by award-winning artist and author Katherine Skaggs.


Luna So-Lar Tara is the personification of wholeness. She is the inner lunar reflected light (Luna) blended with the fiery solar power (So-lar) brought to earth (Tara). Luna So-Lar Tara brings the sight of the inner world to guide you through life with your power of the inner soul's light. This is illuminated with the fire of passion and the bright light of the impassioned soul. The union of the inner lunar light and the outer solar fire, expect great manifestation in you and around you.
Luna So-Lar Tara reminds you to follow your soul's inner urgings as you bring light and focus upon them. Be fiery and courageous in following your heart and soul. There is magic afoot! Your soul's yearnings and passion create your world in harmony.
The jaguar medicine embodied in this imagery guide you through the mysteries and unknown areas of your soul's earth journey, with power, protection, and grace. She urges you to trust in the stillness and mystery of the journey. Be patient and present, effortless. Know that your heart's desires are revealing themselves and coming to you in right timing. As you are present to your hopes and dreams in life, allow them to manifest effortlessly as you honor yourself and what is truly yours to experience.
The energy of the lioness is also present in the solar fire. The divine feminine lioness knows the power of the light, leadership, and loving compassion. She encourages you to bring your inner power forth into your world through your focus and passion. She reminds you that you are the light that illuminates your hopes and dreams. This light is the power needed to change and transform illusion into love.
The medicine of Tara lives in the union of the inner lunar light and the outer solar fire. Together all light is manifest on Earth into form as you embody this union.
If you are attracted to Luna So-Lar Tara know that you are coming into your fullness as an illuminated soul dancing your dance on Earth. You are supported from your vast inner, multi-verse soul Self to your soul's human earth journey. Bathe in the light within and all around. You are completely loved and supported.

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