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Mary Grace Skywalker Mama


Mary Grace Skywalker Mama poster prints and art prints by award-winning artist and author Katherine Skaggs.


Mary Grace Skywalker Mama came in a channeled guide painting session with my dear friend Sande Hart and a tribe of wise women open to guidance and love. Her message is of love, grace, and wisdom pouring upon us from the stars and the invisible world of Spirit. She vibrates with the love of the Divine Mother. As a Skywalker she knows the path of the Divine and brings it to Earth for all of us to benefit through great love, compassion, and grace.

As a healing mama, Mary Grace Skywalker mama is helping to heal sadness and stress of our daily lives and the culture we live in today. She is here to help with our reset as a species into greater ease, grace, and love that we can live in each moment with great compassion. Our health and well-being will indeed improve as we relax and learn to be present in the flow of all life.

As I write I feel her speaking to me. It is time to relax. It is time to know that all is well no matter the chaos and strife you witness in this reality. Humanity is being guided to greater grace, love, and wisdom. The vibrations of light and energy penetrating this planet and its reality is causing a great shift. The dense, unconscious ways of being are being illuminated. The dark is being exposed in this world by great light. Trust in the light and how it is alchemizing this world into a new reality, born of greater compassion and love. Look to this light and focus through it into this world. Open your hearts and be kind and compassionate and the steward of this love, wisdom, and grace.

One of the most important things we can do at this time is to gather together with a single-eyed focus to love, to wisdom, and to compassion and grace. Doing so stimulates spiritual growth, support, and the experience we need to know we are not alone. Spirit guides are all around you—for each of you individually and collectively. Divine, wise, loving, evolved guides are here to support humanity. There is great excitement and activity to help all of us.

Their messages is: "WE all love and appreciate your courage to be here at this time. You are the vessels needed for the higher dimensional frequencies of light codes to anchor into this world. As you are willing, your energetic and physical bodies become the chalices for great love and light to manifest into this reality. Being in a human suit is challenging at times. With these higher vibrations coming into this world your bodies and souls are cleansing the ancestral traumas that have been running through the fabric of your (physical and spiritual) DNA for lifetimes.

Continue to be kind and compassionate to yourselves and your bodies. Your kindness and compassion is one of your greatest healing tools energetically. Yes, drink good filtered water, eat good food. Most of all do your best to create an environment that is grace-filled, relaxed, and trusting that all is well best as possible. Release your inner conflicts as you can, and definitely let go of outer conflict. Trust that we are flowing with you.

Call upon Mary Mother Grace Skywalker to guide you into this great love, compassion, and grace. She is here to help you remember your calling, your purpose, and the truth of love that lives within your very being.

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