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Mayan Master Cuauc the Blue Storm Altar Card


5×7″ altar card printed full color on front, with black and white text on 15 pt. card stock. UV coated front and back.


Cuauc The Blue Storm

Breakthrough • Quickening • Lightning Path

The Lightning path of Initiation is upon you. Take risks
to greater happiness. Complete transformation is at hand.

Mayan Master Cauac brings initiation through fire and water, lightning strikes, and life’s chaotic storms, purifying and transforming into higher, awakened states of being. Expect complete transformation at the soul level.  

Now is a time of quickening. You are on the precipice of an expanded awareness of Self through transition. It is time to break away, break down, and breakthrough into new life. Awakening comes as you align ever more succinctly with your spiritual Self. Courageously step into the purifying storm energy to depths more profound than you believe you can handle. This iintense storm energy will clear and purify anything holds you back from being completely whole. A key to transformation is the journey into the hidden power of your emotions to cause potent change. Recognize, honor, and harness your feelings as the needed fuel to move you beyond where you have been.   

Then choose anew and move to greater happiness. Honor the intensity of your feelings and you will be in complete change. You will then sail into the smooth waters of life. Say YES to your next step and be free.

©2022 Katherine Skaggs Art and Text

Born of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle and the original acrylic Mayan Dreamspell inspired soul portrait painting Mayan Master Cuauc  by Katherine Skaggs.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .125 in

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