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Mayan Master Imix the Red Dragon Altar Card


5×7″ altar card printed full color on front, with black and white text on 15 pt. card stock. UV coated front and back.


Imix the Red Dragon

Fertile Abyss • Dark Womb • Primal trust

Rest in the fertile, dark womb of the Primal Mother.
You are nurtured and supported in all ways.

Mayan Master Imix the Red Dragon is the Primordial Mother and the womb of Creation. She is the deep, dark waters of life that are fertile and potent. Her feminine energies of receptivity, nurturance, and support illuminate your most intimate levels of soul. 

Call upon Imix the Red Dragon to help you rest and regenerate at your most primal self’s still, watery depths. Root into the healing womb space of the mystery. Trust that larger Divine patterns are at play in your life. There is no need to strive and chase your dreams. Your dreams are coming to you in the stillness. Everything you have ever hoped for awaits the restorative love that fully converts your essence into form.

With Imix’s help go deep into the fertile abyss of the unknown and explore the source of your feelings. Be honest about what you truly desire, hope, and dream. Do your best to recognize places you try to control outcomes. Let go, relax, breathe and root into the abyss. Make choices that feed your dreams without attachment or guarantee to the outcome. Be present moment to moment and look for the magic. Divine blessings are here. Open to receive!

©2022 Katherine Skaggs Art and Text

Born of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle and the original acrylic Mayan Dreamspell inspired soul portrait painting Mayan Master Imix the Red Dragon  by Katherine Skaggs.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .125 in

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