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Mayan Rabbit Spirit Altar Card


5x7" Altar Card with inspiration on the back.

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Mayan Rabbit Spirit

Medicine of Cooperation

Fertility • Synergy • Dedication • Union

“Mayan Rabbit Spirit of Cooperation,
Help us weave the dream of co-creation.
Gather the allies of heart and soul,
United in harmony to make us whole.”.

This Alice in Wonderland inspired Mayan Rabbit Spirit invites you to drink in the Medicine of Cooperation. NOW is the time for us to come together. 

Mayan Rabbit Spirit guides us through the power of Synergy, and the generative power of gathering in groups and circles. Synchronize your soul’s dreams through cooperation and dedication, activating the power of the collective to manifest a new experience born of harmonious connections.

Dedicate yourself to your deepest calling. What are your true desires? What do you HAVE to do with your life? Unite with this inner fire, join in the synchronicities. Then the Universe conspires to fulfill your destiny!

Call upon this sacred character to assist you in following your heart and uniting with the power of the Cosmos. He signals the power of connectivity.

Rabbit is traditionally a totem of desire, fertility, spontaneity, instinct abundance, and nurturing. Gentleness and quick wit are also part of this totem’s energy, making Mayan Rabbit Spirit the perfect ally for cooperation and co-creation.

Art and Text by Katherine Skaggs ©2020

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in
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