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Mother Breath of Life


Mother Breath of Life is a beautiful image available in poster prints on paper, as well as fine art prints on canvas, and on aluminum.


Mother Breath of Life

The Mother Breath of Life artwork was created during a 2 hour breath work workshop at H2Oasis Tea House and Float Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During the channeled session her image became clear as one who is here to teach us to breath deeply to connect to source, to Spirit. She is there to help us breathe out the constrictions and fears we have held in our mind, body, emotion matrix, so we may breathe in life, in Spirit, in beauty and in love. She is here to support us and assist us in healing our bodies, our spirits and our lives. She invites us into stillness and timelessness where all is possible. She invites us into a state of peace and all-is-wellness.

The Mother Breath of Life calls you into your deepest heart and soul spaces through your very breath. She invites you to breathe deeply into your body and your life, to activate the fullness of your true being. Through the breath you connect your essence to your being awake in your body. Through your breath you give life to your ideas, thoughts, desires, your words and your actions. Through your breath you animate all of your world.

It is time to stop and to go within through your breath. It is time to be in the stillness of the in and out of all life. It is time to let go of doing and be in your present awareness of being. This is where your timeless soul awareness lives, and gives birth to the next moment, to the next adventure.

The original art hangs at H2Oasis Tea House and Float Center.

Yet you can still own this beautiful image, whether it be an altar card or poster print, or a fine art print since it has been professionally photographed.

Poster prints are created in 11x14" and 16x20" formats.

Fine art prints are available in a variety of sizes and formats. Each of the fine art prints are created on a high end fine art giclee' printer, with archival pigments and archival canvas, rated to last 80 to 100 years.

New technology now offers the possibility of this image printed on aluminum in a stunning presentation of the artwork.

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