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Noya Rao, Mother Tree of Light


Noya Rao fine art and poster prints are here to illuminate your world!

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Once upon a time, long, long ago, the beautiful Divine Goddess of Creation Noya Rao came to Earth in a Bobansana crystal, when the it was barren of all life. With her power of creation, she gave birth to all the plants, birthing a new world, full of life. As time passed, she decided to stay on Earth, becoming the most luminous tree, known as a Tree of Light.

A group of Shipibo peoples who live on the Amazon River in Peru, had heard her story for many generations, but had never seen a tree, as they thought she had grown weary of the human condition and had left, causing the Noya Rao tree to become extinct. Then one night one of the shamans began to dream of her. He actually dreamed of a grove of 5 trees. He knew she was calling him to find her once again.

Yet, to find her he knew it would b a treacherous adventure, for he would have to go into the jungle, at night, without any light! This was a very dangerous undertaking, as there are many poisonous things in the jungle that can kill you. There is even one poisonous snake known to chase down man, so as to bite him. If bitten by this snake, you will die within 15 minutes! Yet the shaman was determined to find her. So he and several other shamans left in the middle of the night, headed to where he had seen her in his dreams.

Now, the reason these shamans had to leave in the dark was because no one had ever been able to determine her scientific genus to identify her. However, they knew from the stories of past generations, that they would recognize her in the dark, as where her leaves fell to the ground, they would become luminous!

Sure enough these shamans found Noya Rao. Not only is she famed for her powers of creation, she is famed as being a tree of wisdom, of light and illumination.

Connect to Noya Rao to bring illumination to your heart and to your body, and to all of your life. Honor her creative powers, and invite her in to support you in creating the life you desire, through love, through generosity and benevolence. Gaze upon her and receive her blessings.

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