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Polar Bear Shaman of the North



Polar Bear Shaman of the North is the perfect medicine of the Polar Bear animal totem and the Spirit of the North in the Medicine Wheel.

The original intention was to paint a Polar Bear totem as a representation of the North in the medicine wheel, symbolizing the power of Winter, and the Night time, as well as the power of Bear, particularly the powerful energies of the Arctic Polar Bear. (It will be full color in the book Artist Shaman Healer Sage - Timeless Wisdom, Practices, Ritual, and Ceremony to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul - due in the Spring of 2021).

The medicine of this Polar Bear Shaman is to remind you how strong and courageous you are no matter the chaos and change you are navigating. He guides you within, to the power of Spirit's Great Mystery symbolized by darkness, the night, and winter. If you resonate with this masterful shaman bear, step away from your ordinary life reality, so you can go into the darkness to rejuvenate. As a bear totem, count on the power of rest and deep dreamtime spaces to recharge your batteries and prepare you for much play. This bear reminds you that you are strong, courageous, adaptable, and powerful, transcendent of ordinary life. Trust your instincts to fulfill your heart's desires through the art of observation, study, and patience. Once your goals are in sight, allow them to align with right timing, so you can pounce upon them like a skilled hunter, effortless in your actions.

Work with the powers of the rattle, the instrument of the North, to shake away unwanted energies so you may be present within yourself, outside of linear time's limitations. Use the power of the Polar Bear Shaman of the North and the instrument of the Rattle to go into dreamtime to call home any lost or vacant parts of yourself.

Polar Bear Totem Medicine - courage, strength, presence, reflection, rest and rejuvenation, dreamtime, play, tenacity, adaptability and focus.

Spirit of the North in the Medicine Wheel's Medicine - Winter, Nighttime, dream time, shamanic journey, going within, reflection, rest, regeneration, right timing, wisdom, inner knowing, and empowerment.

The Polar Bear Shaman's Medicine weaves together the medicines of the Polar Bear Totem with the Spirit of the North of the Medicine Wheel, as a powerful ally of great wisdom and courage, giving you the strength to transcend the lower energies of ordinary living, into greater joy, play, and achievement. The Polar Bear Shaman lives with a foot in the world of Spirit as well as the world of ordinary life, bridging the worlds with great power and wisdom. Being a powerful dreamer, the Polar Bear Shaman is able to shape shift life's challenges through dreamtime and the infinite potential of the Great Mystery of Great Spirit.

Journey with the Polar Bear Shaman in shamanic journey, dreamtime, and intentional creativity, to draw the Divine energy of your inner knowing into all you desire and all you create. Use the medicine of the rattle to clear your energy of dysfunctional vibrations born of fear, while calling in your wholeness, and any lost parts of yourself (due to trauma and fear.)

Gaze upon this wise one of the Polar Bear Shaman to restore your faith, joy, strength, and play.

Original Art - SOLD (Private Collection in Loveland, CO)

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