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Ra-Mona, Pleiadian Star Mother Altar Card


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 Ra-Mona Pleiadian Star Mother Of Light and Sound Healing 

“Oh compassionate Mother Goddess of Light and Sound, Sing the Sacred Songs of Our Souls into the Hearts of All, Assist us now in focusing the Light of Our True Desires, Into the Song of our Hearts and Souls.” 

Ra-Mona, Pleiadian Star Mother of Light and Sound Healing brings healing in times of chaos, and fear, refocusing us into the light through her beauty and song. She offers compassion, unconditional love and acceptance. She encourages us to look deep into her eyes to awaken our own light and knowing, to awaken our hearts and our abilities to “see” beyond the fear, to transform into more loving and connected beings. 

Her name Ra-Mona, brings the light and illumination through the vibration of Ra, and the energy of true desire, through the vibration of Mona. Together, her name’s vibrational meaning is the message we need to refocus. To heal, to awaken, it is time to shine the light and illuminatation of our heart upon our soul’s deepest yearnings, wishes and desires. This focus and the passion it exudes clears the darkness. 

Take time to sit and gaze into Ra-Mona’s eyes. Gaze upon her as an open-eyed meditation. Be bathed in her compassion and unconditional love and acceptance. 

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