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Rabbit Totem


Rabbit Totem, Crystal Tone 12 of Cooperation is available in poster prints on paper, as well as fine art prints on canvas, and on aluminum.


Mayan Rabbit Totem

Cooperation - Dedication - Union
Adapted for Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle

The Rabbit Totem of the Mayan Dreamspell is the Crystal Tone of Cooperation, Tone 12 archetype.

In the painting the symbol of the watch was created with NOW as the time, rather than an hourly appointment of when to meet. Rabbit urges us to come together NOW as there is no other time. This Rabbit is here to guide us to the power of Synergy, and the generative power of gathering in groups and circles. Synchronize the higher order of oneself and one's outer world through cooperation and dedication. This brings comprehensive vision and the power of the collective to point.

Dedicate yourself to your deepest calling or inspiration from within. What are your true desires? What do you HAVE to do with your life? Unite with this fire within and the Universe will answer your knowing and your all to fulfill your destiny.

If Rabbit has come to to your attention, call this sacred character to assist you in following your heart and uniting with the power of the Cosmos. He signals the connection between all things, all life, and shows you the way to create harmoniously.

Rabbit totem is traditionally a totem of desire, fertility, spontaneity, abundance, nurturing and instinct. Gentleness and quick wit are characteristic of this totem energy and makes rabbit the perfect ally for cooperation and co-creation.

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