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RED - The Healing Warrior Priestess


RED The Healing Warrior Priestess is available in 15x30" fine art prints on 100% cotton canvas or paper, or as 7x14" digital poster print.

*Fine Art Prints can take up to 14 business days  to ship from the printer. Add shipping time to insure your delivery on time. If shipping internationally plan on paying customs on the value of the purchase. No returns accepted on custom print orders.


RED the Healing Warrior Priestess is a beautiful reflection of the Divine Feminine power to create and manifest with tenacity and love. RED reminds you to focus on what you desire. Your focus and your desire CREATE.

Let go of war, struggle, and all conflict... not only with others and the outer world, but most of all within yourself. With this you will find great healing within and all around you.

Be tenacious in your focus. You are magical beyond belief. Trust the power of your knowing and the energy of your open and fiercely loving heart spaces. Love is a frequency and not just an emotion. In its highest expression it transforms all that is dense and out of order. It alchemizes the lower, dense energies of struggle and brings reset into higher experiences of joy, pleasure, and wholeness.

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