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Sea Goddess Altar Card


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Art by Katherine Skaggs with Inspirations by Sage Holloway

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

Sea Goddess - Purity

"I call upon you, Goddess of purity,
That I learn from your example so I may clearly see
Your true essence shining, all aglow,
Is the purity of my own heart
the gift that you bestow."

Invoke this beautiful Goddess of the Sea to let your heart be filled with the light of purity. Her beauty reflects the radiance of Her pure heart, showing us that what is on the inside is on the outside, and what is above is below. This sacred principle that She embodies will guide you on your path of self-reflection. She is the reminder that all that you feel and experience is the pure and accurate mirror of what is harbored in your heart. Call in this Sea Goddess for assistance in letting your feelings and what you chose to express be of the highest quality of love, that your life may shine back to you the purity of who you are.

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