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Serpent Totem


Serpent Totem - Spectral Tone of Liberation is available in poster prints on paper, as well as fine art prints on canvas, and on aluminum.


Serpent Totem
Spectral Tone 11

Mayan Dreamspell Inspired

The essence of the Spectral Tone is Liberation. It is part of my own galactic signature and I know it well. To liberate is to release, to let go, to dissolve. This is the Tone of Shamanic Death and Rebirth. To be liberated we must die to the past and the old, so we may be reborn anew.

Snake or Serpent is the energy of this Spectral Tone. Snake and serpent medicine in shamanism is the ability to shed the skin of the past. It is the ability to transmute poisons of the ego mind and the outer, illusionary world so it no long has any hold on our being and experience. Snake is the energy of the Divine Feminine; and the energy of the Kundalini that frees us from illusion and "karmic" patterns that hold us separate from our larger Spirit selves.

This image was inspired to bring healing to the "Original Sin" story of separation from our Divinity and our Creator. This patriarchal story of Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden by taking the apple from the Tree of Life, encouraged by the Snake, is an imprint into our ancient DNA that limits us our wholeness and very happiness. This story goes back to a time on this planet where the Divine Feminine was demonized, along with all its symbology, polarizing our species and denying the power of the Divine within each of us.

If you need shamanic healing and liberation, gaze upon this image and invite this Spectral tone into your heart, and your mind... dreaming deep healing and awakening your power and possibility.

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