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Created for the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Katherine Skaggs.


Shakti, Hindu Mother Goddess

Shakti is an Original acrylic painting by Katherine Skaggs, ©2007-2013

VI - Ecstatic Untion - Shakti

The acrylic original painting Shakti was created for the Mythical Goddess Tarot by Katherine Skaggs.

Shakti, is the ancient Hindu Mother Goddess representing the primordial cosmic energy that creates all life.  This Great Divine Mother is the female embodiment of all creativity, fertility and deep seated kundalini forces of transformation and healing. Awakening Shakti's cosmic force of kunalini brings liberation and complete union with the forces of all creation.

Call upon Shakti as the Kundalini Mother to rise the sleeping life energy within you to the Divine. Feel her fiery power ascend through you, seeking Home, in ecstatic union with the Sacred Power of the Universe. Let your creative sexual force move upward through all the energy centers of your body to unite with Shakti, merging your Life Force with Her and fulfilling your deepest desires of oneness with the Creator. Witness your sacred power in unity with Her Spirit, where sexuality, sensuality and spirituality join in ecstatic union, and let your world be transformed.

The original art of Shakti is an acrylic on 36x36" on canvas, and is available for purchase. It was created as a portal for the energy and essence of this ancient Goddess to bring blessings and guidance into this third dimensional reality, raising our consciousness and frequency.

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