Shamanic Healing Session




Shamanic Healing Session

with Shamanic Practitioner Katherine Skaggs

A shamanic healing session, depending upon need, is from 30 minutes to 1 hour, long distance or in person. The 30 minute sessions are sold in a 4-pack to achieve the best outcome.

Each session may include a variety of shamanic healing modalities, such as singing, drumming, rattling, feather work, extraction, soul retrieval, physical manipulation or shipibo shamanic massage work, with the use of essential oils, sacred smudge, sacred tobacco and other non-ingested medicinal plants. If you are overly sensitive to smoke or essential oils, let Katherine know and she will refrain from using smoke or other fragrances.

You do not have to be physically present to receive a healing. You do however need to be receptive and open to a spiritual healing session. Are you ready for change, for endings of patterns of suffering, and open for new patterns of health, well-being and happiness?

Shamanic healing works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. These ancient methods work at the deepest levels of energy and can create great shift, especially when the client is open to the concepts shamanism offers for healing and wellness. Katherine works with you to return balance of spirit, in all realms. This applies to not only one’s human body, but all aspects of their lives.

An important concept of shamanic healing is that you take responsibility for the shift you desire in your life. Even when things seem to “happen to you”, there is some component of you being in the middle of creating every experience of your life. Ultimately this is how you dissolve victimization, and take your life back. Having an attitude of being part of the healing, of being receptive to and asking for assistance in the shift, offers up an empowered approach to healing. Katherine is the “hollow bone” for Spirit to run through, and assist you in clearing the dense patterns of fear, trauma and disempowerment. Your body and spirit are the vessel. You are a child of heaven and earth!

These shamanic healing sessions can be applied to land, homes, businesses, organizations, families… truly anything in our world.


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