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Soul Coaching & Guidance

In person or long distance

with Katherine Skaggs

Soul coaching offers a personalized plan and approach to living life powerfully, wholly and clearly as a spiritual being in a human experience. From dream interpretation to learning to access deeper levels of the subconscious and soul’s awareness, you can expect to expand your view and experience of yourself and your life as something more deeply spiritual and satisfying. Soul coaching can help you gain a greater understanding of Universal Laws and Truths and how to be in greater alignment with them in all aspects of your life. With soul coaching sessions you can learn ancient spiritual exercises and techniques for greater peace, empowerment, and calm. These healing practices, teachings and spiritual wisdom spans many cultures, tried and true, based in unconditional love, compassion and truth. Learn to access and trust your inner wisdom and highest guidance within a safe and sacred container.

Katherine works as a soul coach, a guide and mentor, and spiritual teacher to assist you in all things spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. She weaves her wisdom of the many dimensions to support you finding the light upon your path, to bring healing, clarity and empowerment.  Katherine is here to “SEE” and “HEAR” you at your true soul self level, and perhaps more importantly, to help you SEE and HEAR your true Self.

Individual sessions can help you find the answers for your next step in life from a deeper spiritual perspective. Each session supports you in becoming more empowered to live in alignment and integrity with your spiritual self, and your mental, emotional and physical being. This guidance can help you choose from your soul’s highest perspective, rather than from a false personality/ego fear base.

Choosing to work with multiple sessions of course helps you go more deeply into your journey, aligning with your true soul self. This commitment assists you in “waking up”, changing destructive patterns, creating new and expanded ways of seeing yourself and living your life more freely, more empowered, as well as getting the support you need to reach life goals that are aligned with your soul’s calling. These multi-session packs are designed to be used within 6 weeks to get the most out of the packet.

This is Mystery School for the Modern Day Mystic, born of ancient spiritual, metaphysical, shamanic practices and wisdom teachings.

Break free of the fear, choose love, and gain power to be yourself in your life!

30-minute sessions are remote only and come in a 4-pack for your best experience. 60-minute 4-packs also lend themselves to a deepening of your spiritual self. All sessions can be conducted remotely.

Once you pay online, Katherine will email you to schedule your session.

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