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Soul Portraits by Katherine Skaggs are intuitive, channeled, soul revealing imagery and energy that guide, heal, and transform your life.


soul portrait by katherine skaggs

In-studio or by photo remotely

with Katherine Skaggs

“Each Soul Portrait painting is a beautiful portal to the Divine. With your desire and intention, you inspire imagery, song, color, symbol and presence of your soul’s beauty through each brush stroke. I “see” and “hear” you and your soul’s light. It dances through my heart, my mind and my hands to create a reflection of your essence and the essence of the invisible realm, all too real to me. Channelled messages come in imagery and words in each experience. Let me share your love-filled reflection, and that of your guides and angels to awaken your heart and soul.”

In deep honor, love and light, Katherine Skaggs

Your Soul Portrait - Receive a channeled, visionary portrait — a professional acrylic painting on canvas, channeled intuitive guidance, interpretation of colors, symbols and messages that come during the channeled painting session, in-studio or long distance from a photo.

Each Soul Portrait is an intuitive painting revealing aspects of your true spirit through powerful, vibrant color and energy patterns on canvas. The soul portrait acts as a doorway, creating its own energy grid, giving you greater access to your higher, multi-dimensional self. Soul Portraits are an avenue to connect to your true spirit, beauty and divine nature.

Setting An Intention Opens the Energy of Your Soul Portrait – If you are ready for a soul portrait, you have been inspired to connect to your true self in some way. It may be triggered by a series of changes, a need for healing, or simply a need to truly see yourself in a true light of love.  Tune into your heart for what is most important. Do you need support? Guidance? Empowerment? Healing? As you focus on your heart and soul’s desires, the energy opens for your portrait, its color, symbol and spiritual guidance, resulting in a beautiful painting with channeled guidance


In-person Sessions

If you live in or are visiting the Northern Colorado Area make sure to schedule an in-studio session in my home studio in Fort Collins, CO. My home studio is a sanctuary space where you will enjoy getting your portrait. You will have the opportunity to enjoy my in-home art gallery and shop. When you are here you can take time to shop cards, prints, and other products that support your soul's journey.

Transformation Goddess of LightRemote Sessions

Get a soul portrait regardless of where you live in the world. We will meet on zoom at an agreed upon scheduled time. Once you have purchased, please email  me several high quality recent photos of head shots, facing forward for my physical reference.

Additional Bonus on Remote Sessions - Your session is recorded (up to one hour) and sent to you to download in an mp4 file!

Soul Portraits are shipped world wide

You pay for the soul portrait and calculated shipping internationally at checkout. You are also responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

Soul Portrait 1-hr session


Choose between a 1-hour session with acrylic painting on 16×20″ canvas, or a 2-hour session with acrylic painting on 18×24″ canvas. Or contact me directly via email to commission your own special portrait of greater size.


Choose between 2-hour session with acrylic painting on 18×24″ canvas, or 3-hour session with acrylic painting on 24×30″ canvas. In-studio couples portraits allow the couple to leave after the first hour, then return to a finished painting with final reading. Remote couples portraits are also handled the same way, where you can join live via Zoom in the first hour if you desire.


Family portraits are available by commission if you have a family of four or more, or if you want to have a more in-depth and or larger portrait than offered in the pull down menu (up to 24x30" portraits available for up to three people). Contact Katherine for a quote for a family soul portrait or more in-depth commission.

Katherine has shipped paintings across the United States, into Canada and as far as Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Croatia and South Africa. There is no place too far.

You are responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

View Katherine Skaggs’ Soul Portrait gallery  and you will get an idea of how powerful, inspiring, and multi-dimensionally healing each soul portrait is!

Divine Guidance and Purpose for Your Life!

Soul Portraits emanate divine guidance and soul direction. Their vast love and truth reflects your true inner beauty. The energy from each Soul Portrait helps you to more consciously focus on your gifts and life’s purpose. You are much more than your personality and this individual life. You are a multi-dimensional being, a soul full of divine energy. You are on a journey to remembering this soul essence and your connection to the divine.

Over and over, clients are amazed at how beautiful, diverse and energetically large they are on a soul level. When they experience their divine beauty and individual power, they receive confirmation of a deeper knowing of themselves. They move forward in their lives with a more profound feeling of love, a greater sense of faith in themselves and a clarity in living their life.

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Soul Portrait

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