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Spirit guide paintings are channeled portraits of your guides and spirit helpers, along with messages and healing energy. Channeled especially for you in a live session either in-studio or remote on zoom. Schedule by email at your earliest convenience.


In-Studio or Long distancespirit guide painting katherine skaggs

with Soul Painter Artist Katherine Skaggs

Regardless of where you live in the world, you can receive a channeled Spirit Guide Painting. Each channeled painting session connects you to your spirit guides, angels, ancestors, and/or totem animals present to support you.

Spirit Guides and Spirit Guide teams are always with you for support and guidance.

Guides come in many forms, angelic, human, ancestral, alien, animal, bird, even plant. They may shape shift from one form to another to get your attention and to help you know that you are not alone, and that you always have support in the unseen world as well as in the physical world.

Prepare Questions for a Great Conversation and Learning Experience during your Spirit Guide Painting

Your spirit guides help you in living your life in the most loving way possible. When you set up your Spirit Guide Painting it is always good to have questions for your guides. It is excellent to ask them about current life circumstances and how they may help you, guide you and support you. It is great to ask them how to proceed in any area of your life. Always ask "How can it get better" in regards to a situation. If you ask a yes or no question, they often say "yes" if you don't qualify what sort of experience you may like to have.

I heard a story once of a woman who asked if  she should marry a particular man. Her guides say, "Yes!" So she did. After a few years the marriage fell apart and the woman got divorced. She then asked her guides "WHY did you tell me yes?" The guides proceeded to let her know that she didn't ask what kind of marriage it would be. They encouraged her to go ahead for the experience! Needless to say, the woman began to ask questions accordingly.

Ask about how things can get better, how you can heal, what to do to be happier, or to follow your career. Ask for directions in having a good life, and healing the things that are out of balance or out of harmony. Ask them what supports you waking up!

Guides are a higher guidance system whom you have made agreements with. They aren't necessarily "smarter" than your highest guidance, yet they are here to assist you in remembering your soul self, and illuminating your path. You typically have had other worldly experience with them as well as possible other lives you have shared if they have also incarnated. Not all guides have been human.

The Physical and Spiritual Meaning of Your Spirit Guide Painting

You will receive a professional acrylic painting on canvas, along with intuitive guidance, interpretation of colors, symbols and messages that come during the channeled session. Long distance sessions also receive an opportunity to join on Skype or Zoom, as well as a video recording of your session that will be sent to you after the session.

In-studio sessions can also have your sessions recorded on video for a small fee.

Pay for your session here then contact Katherine by email with any questions you would like to ask your guide, and for guidance you would ask your guide or guide team.

Katherine has shipped paintings across the United States, into Canada and as far as Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Croatia and South Africa. There is no place too far.

You pay for the soul portrait and calculated shipping internationally ONLY. You are responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

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