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Spirit-Totem Animal Soul Painting


Animal Spirit guide paintings and Totem Animal Paintings are channeled portraits Animal Spirit / Totem Animal helpers, along with messages and healing energy. Channeled especially for you in a live session either in-studio or remote on zoom. Schedule by email at your earliest convenience.


Spirit Animal and Totem Animal Soul Painting

In-Studio or Long-distance with Katherine Skaggs

Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals are specific expressions of a spirit guide that look like an animal, and carry the energy and medicine of that animal spirit. This spirit animal may have been with you all of this life, or many lives, or may be a special animal guide who has come to help you with a specific situation. Your spirit animal may also be a 'new guide' who has come to help you through an initiation where you need love and support or as you have grown and can now work with them to continue your growth.

Totem Animals

In Native American Culture Totem Animals are the spiritual symbol of a person, family, or their tribe. This totem animal is the main guiding spirit that stays with you and your family lineage throughout your lifetime. It may also be a generational spirit of wisdom and guidance that will appear beyond your life.

Spirit Animal and Totem Animal Paintings

Your Spirit Animals and Totem Animals are here to help you. They bring wisdom, symbol, story, and power to you, providing 'medicine' that is potent support for your life journey. These spirit beings are here to help you heal, as well as learn to sense their presence, whether it be in nature, on a card or piece of artwork, in your spirit animal painting, and even in ordinary, human-made products that show their image.

help you in living your life in the most loving way possible. When you set up to do your Spirit Guide Painting it is always good to have questions for your guides. It is excellent to ask them about current life circumstances and how they may help you, guide you and support you. It is great to ask them how to proceed in any area of your life. Always ask "How can it get better" in regards to a situation. If you ask a yes or no question, they often say "yes" if you don't qualify what sort of experience you may like to have.

The Physical and Spiritual Painting

You will receive a professional acrylic painting on canvas, along with intuitive guidance, interpretation of colors, symbols and messages that come during the channeled session. Long distance sessions also receive an opportunity to join on  Zoom, as well as a video recording of your session that will be sent to you after the session.

Katherine ships paintings across the United States, into Canada and as far as Great Britain, Austria, Australia, Croatia and South Africa. There is no place too far.

You pay for the soul portrait and calculated shipping internationally ONLY. You are responsible for any customs fees for entry into your country. Please figure this into your budget for the portrait. 

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Soul Portrait

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