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Uzume Altar Card



Art by Katherine Skaggs with Inspirations by Sage Holloway

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

Uzume - Freedom

"Joyous Uzume of laughter and mirth
who dances so lightly upon this Earth
Without baggage, agenda, and no one to please,
teach me to live in freedom with ease."

Call in wild and beautiful Uzume to bless you with Her joyous freedom of expression. Let Her inspire and encourage you to be wild and to transcend all limitations of the world. Uzume brings the gifts of laughter and levity in not taking yourself or life too seriously. Ask Her to show you the way of ease that you may dance to your goals and find true happiness.

Invoke Uzume into your heart and let Her bless you with Her essence. Let all self-imposed restriction fall away that your inner radiance be free to dance and play throughout all the avenues of your life.

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