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White Buffalo Calf Woman Altar Card


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Art by Katherine Skaggs with Inspirations by Sage Holloway

Text below image and inspiration on back of card:

White Buffalo Calf Woman - Sacred Ceremony

Goddess of Sacred Fire,
come to Earth Fuel me with elation,
teach me sacred ceremony,
That I give worth to all of your creation!

Invoke White Buffalo Calf Woman to teach you to revere Spirit through the honoring of Mother Earth. Beautiful White Buffalo Calf Woman brings you blessings of the sacred flame of Spirit. Call to Her to instruct you in the ways of Sacred Tradition, in helping you to hold the high frequency of unwavering and absolute reverence for the Sacred. White Buffalo Calf Woman will show you how to let your passionate prayers and ritual ascend in blessing to honor your world and all of your relations. Let Her ignite your fiery essence and let your Spirit shine!

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