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World Angel of Peace Altar Card


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World Angel of Peace

Harmony • Non-violence • tranquility

It is time to make peace. Lift out of the chaos.
Focus on Spirit’s tenacious love to transform.

The World Angel of Peace emanates light codes and vibrational energies from higher dimensions to transform fear, karma, and chaos into harmony, peace, and cooperation to create with love. Her healing light brings the energy needed to move out of fear into love, hope, and healing for yourself and all of humanity.

She signals a time of peace born of the tenacity to love yourself and others. Take time to honor the healing power of the love and acceptance you give to yourself and others. You actively restore peace and harmony as you love. 

If conflict, chaos, criticism, and judgment are present in your life, it is time to surrender all mental and emotional attitudes and actions that put you at war with yourself and others. The dualism of Earth school reflects the good and bad, the self and other, the black and the white. It is time to transcend the idea of self and other. You are not separate from the Divine, nor are you separate from others who look or act differently. It is time for a higher perspective as you release the old, painful ways. She offers hope and the medicine to lift you above the lower energies of fear. You are part of the One, just as a drop of seawater is part of a vast ocean.

Katherine Skaggs ©2022 Art and Text
Born of the Masters of Light Wisdom Oracle and the original acrylic painting World Angel of Peace.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 5 × 7 × .125 in

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