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World Angel of Peace offers healing and light as we move from a time of chaos and darkness inward. Her magnificent light frequencies, her energy and imagery, are that of light, of healing, of compassion, of abundance, and of transformation. She encourages us to dream anew as we release the old ways of suffering and pain. She brings hope, and the medicine to lift above the lower energies of fear. Focus on her to be reminded of your Spirit's tenacious, loving nature. Let her bathe you in love, hope and healing medicine. Meditate with her, and move to a place of timeless being. Let this penetrate your world, so you may see new ways of being, of living and of working that help to transform old limited ways of life. Let her hold you and inspire you, as you move through the portal of transformation.

Her wings are to carry us upwards into the higher stratospheres of the Soul's eternal nature and wisdom, to reconnect with this infinite healing perspective and energy. The star light at the crown symbolizes the illumination of the higher knowing self, which shines upon each of us to awaken. Her third eye is prevalent, and reflecting the importance of moving within to the place to see form the soul's perspective, and not just the human eyes.

The blue energies... blue to violet, blue to turquoise blue, elevate the vibration to higher light frequencies that assist in the Divine expression of Self, to move from me consciousness to WE, Unified Consciousness, that comes home to the ONE consciousness of the Divine Creator energy. The energy of the Pleiades and the Sirius flow through, along with the high frequencies of the Great Mother Goddess Isis, and the healing love, wisdom vibrations associated.

World Angel of Peace is an expression of the higher dimensions of energies here to activate each human in his or her own personal awakening. The symbols a transformation, transmutation and awakening. They are offered to you now as you. As you are attracted to the color, the imagery and the illumination from this Divine Mother Goddess, now that you are being expanded in your own light expression, to move into greater peace, joy, light and Unity. Gaze upon her now. Call her into your heart. Open to unconditional love and support, beyond anything you have been able to imagine or receive before. It is time for complete love light to enfold you and support you.

Some of the backstory to channeling in the World Angel of Peace. I had the blessing of being commissioned to bring forth the World Angel of Peace in 2019, not knowing who would arrive on canvas at the time I was asked. To channel this painting and its Divine guidance, I asked my client to meditate on what energy she was calling in. After that we discussed it, and I opened to this portal of Divine flow, of frequency and of light. This attention to the energy through desire, opened a doorway through both my client and her heart intentions and awareness, as well as my own desire to interpret and flow these energies onto canvas. This generated the energy, frequency and my awareness of the Light Being World Angel of Peace, who was to reveal herself as I sat and asked for her to appear to me on canvas, into my mind, my heart and my ability to interpret her energy. These heartfelt desires along with my client's prayers for others, gave birth to this image, frequency and message into this dimension . The prayers born of light, of healing, of compassion, of abundance, and of transformation.

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